1. Open to persons aged between 25 and 45 years, Associate Membership is for a period of 3 years after which the member will either take FULL Membership of the Club or cease their membership of the Club. FULL Membership of the Club can be taken at any time. The appropriate Entrance Fee and shares will be payable upon entry into FULL Membership of the Club. (Staged payment plan if required - refer to office).

2. There is no entrance fee for this category but will be subject to the usual Membership interview process.

3. The annual subscription for this category will be £590 plus relevant Golf Union fees. This will be pro-rated in the event of the individual taking Full membership during the year.

4. £2.50 payable for public liability insurance.

5. Plus an annual food and beverage levy - currently £50.00 - to be used in the Clubhouse at a discounted rate.

6. Weekend members attaining the age of 45 (as at 1st October) will either take up FULL membership or cease their membership of the Club.

7. Weekend Members will also be allowed to play on weekdays subject to payment of the guest green fee applicable (currently £30.00) and may bring up to three guests at any one time subject to payment of the same rate of fee. A member can only introduce the same guest 6 times in any one year.

8. Weekend Members may play in all of the Club monthly medal and stableford competitions held over the weekend and entitled to win apart from any competition that is a major board competition. Weekend Members may be asked to play in allowable representative matches but would not normally be able to play in friendly matches against other local clubs. Otherwise play can be at any time during the weekend including Bank Holidays, subject only to availability of time on the course.

Associate Weekend Members are not eligible to play in knockout competitions.

9. It is not possible for existing Members of the Club to transfer to Weekend status.

10. Weekend Members are not entitled to a vote, nor can they hold office in the Club.

11. Limited to 25 members.

12. The Board can change any terms of this category at its discretion.

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  • MIXED BALMER LAWN TROPHY - Sunday 3rd June 2018
  • QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday 7th July 2018
  • Mixed Jubilee Foursomes - May 2018
  • LADIES' PRESIDENT'S TROPHY - 22nd May 2018
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