Dress Code

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club seeks to provide a relaxed and sociable ambience in which golf can be played and enjoyed. Members and visitors are required to conform to the Club’s dress code, which requires a high standard of smart conventional golf and casual clothes. It has, however, been decided that it is unrealistic and inappropriate to define what is, and what is not, acceptable in absolute detail.

We would therefore ask you to comply with the following:

Dress Regulations

Approved by the Club Committee 31st March 2016

On the Course:-

We would ask all golfers to wear a high standard of smart ‘golf clothing’ while on the course, i.e. ‘golf clothing’ are items which are generally accepted by most recognised clubs and that are generally available for purchase in professionals’ shops.
Men may wear tailored shorts (not cargo shorts) with either long socks, predominantly white short socks or trainer socks.
Shirts must be tucked into trousers / shorts.


(Including just shoes) is not permitted in the car park or elsewhere, other than changing rooms.

In the Clubhouse, Restaurant, Spike Bar and Snooker Room:-

Formal Attire and Smart Casual Clothing are equally acceptable in the clubhouse unless otherwise specified for functions such as post-match meals, presentations, dinner/dance etc.
Most of us are aware of what is generally regarded as ‘Smart Casual Clothing’ and you are asked to both follow and respect the majority of the members and visitors by complying with this.
Open toed sandals and deck shoes may be worn without socks in the clubhouse but not in the restaurant area of the clubhouse.
Although not wishing to go into absolute detail, trainers, tracksuits, faded or ripped blue jeans are not considered to be smart casual nor are tee-shirts or shirts without collars.
Shirts must be tucked into trousers / shorts.

In the 19th (Spike Bar)
We would ask you not to wear damp or dirty golfing attire into the 19th.

Please ensure compliance with this dress code to avoid any future embarrassment.
Committee members, Board members, the General Manager, bar & catering, professional and office staff have the authority to challenge any person improperly or unsuitably dressed.
We look forward to welcoming you to Barton-on-Sea Golf Club.

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Course Status
Currently open
16.12.2017 12:17
The course is set to OPEN With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies. Construction on Needles holes 1 and 4 is complete, some tidying up and dressing damaged areas to finish. Sand will be put in the new bunkers to help form the base, they will remain "Out of Play" until the spring. Please avoid walking on the new turf where possible. Aeration is underway with the Verti-Drain starting on Tees and Approaches. Fairways will follow and continue throughout the winter. A polite reminder that this machine is very slow and needs your patience. With the following restrictions: Preferred Lie. Range closes today at 15.00 due to water logged areas.