Societies are welcome on Monday, Wednesday & Friday by prior arrangement with the club. To qualify for the Society rates there must be a minimum of 12 golfers in the party.

Please ensure that all members of your society are aware pf our dress regulations. To view the dress regs please click here.
Coffee, Snack lunch, 18 holes£60.00
Coffee, 2 course dinner, 18 holes£65.00
Coffee, snack lunch, 27 holes£63.50
Coffee, snack lunch, 2 course dinner, 27 holes£79.00
Coffee, snack lunch, 36 holes£71.50
Coffee, snack lunch, 2 course dinner, 36 holes£81.00

Society notes

Please note that:
1. Catering must be included for a society booking
2. Minimum number for a society is 12 persons
3. Please choose one choice from the menu for the whole party
4. Meals will be charged for if cancelled without 48 hours notice
5. Special dietary requirements require 48 hours notice
6. Societies must play to their allocated times and no exceptions will be made
7. Choice of courses cannot be confirmed until 7 days prior to playing
8. Prices inclusive of VAT @ 20%
9. Cheque/Cash/Debit Card/Credit Cards accepted
10. Please ensure all in your party comply with the dress regulations.
11. Whilst handicap certificates are not required to be shown before playing, society visitors are expected to be capable players with knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf. Society visitors are reminded to pick up the pace and be courteous to other players, calling through the group behind if necessary. Barton-on-Sea Golf Club reserves the right to remove any player who does not comply with these requirements.
12. Towels not available - please bring your own.
13. Buggies must be booked directly with the Pro Shop on 01425 611210.

How to book

Contact: The Office
Telephone: 01425 615308

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Course Status
Currently open
16.12.2017 12:17
The course is set to OPEN With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies. Construction on Needles holes 1 and 4 is complete, some tidying up and dressing damaged areas to finish. Sand will be put in the new bunkers to help form the base, they will remain "Out of Play" until the spring. Please avoid walking on the new turf where possible. Aeration is underway with the Verti-Drain starting on Tees and Approaches. Fairways will follow and continue throughout the winter. A polite reminder that this machine is very slow and needs your patience. With the following restrictions: Preferred Lie. Range closes today at 15.00 due to water logged areas.