Greenkeeping Blog

JUNE 2019

Now summer is arriving, with the reduction in rainfall, some may say we never saw spring.  We began the year incredibly dry, almost carrying on from the singe of last summer.  Ideal for winter golf, however some much-needed moisture is something we could pray for.

There are still remnants of last summer showing across the course, the team has covered all areas with high nitrogen feeds, over-seeding and top dressing.  Once the rain arrives there will be plenty of sward recovery.

Phase five winter construction on Becton is now in full play with some stunning bunkers, especially the 8th hole.  Certainly, one that will be challenging in the easterly winds!

Greenkeeping is now in full swing with all machinery on the course.  Four new additions are arriving imminently - two petrol utility vehicles and two greens mowers.  This is part of our five-year rolling plan to upgrade machinery to ensure we run as efficiently as possible.

The team is working hard as the Club Championships arrive, focusing on presentation, greens speed and topping up bunkers with sand after strong winds earlier in the year removed a fair amount.

Finally, we are in the planning stage of renovating the staff quarters; this is an internal building within the green sheds that has come to the end of its life.  The team members are looking forward to the change.

Happy Golfing.



It was an exciting end to last year with arguably the most interesting course development project so far as it involved our Becton loop.  Changes to the famous Harry Colt design had to be subtle and fit in with the rest of the course.  Guided by the club's course architect, Howard Swan, all of the construction was done in house, which kept the team busy for 6 weeks.  When asked if we had enjoyed the project it was unanimous - hard work but well worth the effort.

There have been some changes in the team over the last 6 months, with Kevin leaving us after just two years to further his career at Ferndown.  We recruited quickly because of the winter schedule, finding Amy Thomas looking for a move from Farnham Golf Club.  Amy is ambitious, well qualified and has proved a popular member of staff...she even made the boys brush up on their housekeeping in the sheds.

Over the last couple of years, the Board being very pro-active has allowed us to increase the team to 9 full time staff with 2 part time, incorporating the clubhouse gardening into the weekly work plans.  This has enabled us to increase mowing and all presentation around the course.  Away from basic greenkeeping the team has achieved diverse projects that are still ongoing.  A clubhouse staff outside seating area has been built by Stroller 1st tee.  The range buggy has its own garage alongside the maintenance sheds, purpose built by the team.  Several other projects are in the pipeline, to be reported on in the next blog.