Membership Fees

Full Members

Subscriptions may be paid by monthly direct debit instalments using the club's credit facility with Fairway Credit. (There is a 7.15% charge to Fairway Credit for this facility).

Entrance Fee£1200.00

* refunded when leaving.

Country Members

All country members must have their permanent residence outside of a 50 mile radius from the Clubhouse and must not have any type of residence within this radius, including chalets, holiday houses/flats, mobile homes or permanent caravan sites. Country members may play a maximum of 20 rounds per year.

Entrance Fee£420.00

*refunded on leaving

Intermediate Members

Members between the ages of 24-34 are allowed to spread their joining fee over the years between their current age and 35. Shares are payable on becoming full members at 35.

 Entrance FeeSubscription
25 years old£300.00£750.00
26 years old£300.00£875.00
27 years old£300.00£1000.00
28 years old£300.00£1125.00
29 years old£300.00£1250.00
30-34 years old£600.00£1500.00

Colt Members

Age for subscription purposes is at the date of the subscription year date of joining.

18-20 years old£345.00
21-24 years old£460.00

Student Members

Any Junior or Colt member entering University or similar Full-time education up to and including 23 years.


Junior Members

11 years old or under (until 12th birthday)


12-17 years old£155.00

Social Members*

(* N.B. Only available to Retiring Full Members, Spouse of Full Members & Residential)

 Entrance FeeSubscription
Shareholdern/a£87.00 inc. VAT
Non-Shareholdern/a£132.00 inc. VAT
Playing Members' Partnersn/a£10.00 inc. VAT plus £60 bar levy

Please note

New Full and Country Members have to take up a Shareholding of £400. This also applies to those transferring from Intermediate Membership to Full at 35 years old.

A £2.50 Public Liability fee applies to all playing members.

Golf Union Fees Apply: Male £16.30 Female £14.50

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