We currently have a waiting list in place for all membership categories.

The Men's Section of the club is very active with a full programme of competitions, matches and knockouts being played throughout the year.

The main competition days are held at the weekend and consist of one Medal and one Stableford qualifying competition a month, equally spread between Saturdays and Sundays, with a choice of morning or afternoon tee off times.  Additionally, midweek Medals and Stableford qualifiers are held on two Wednesdays a month and these are 'roll-up and play' events.  During the winter months of December to February inclusively, the weekend competitions consist of one Stableford and one team 'fun' competition, whilst both of the midweek events on Wednesdays revert to the Stableford format.

There is also the opportunity to enter the wide range of summer and winter knockout competitions on offer, as well as the chance of being selected to compete in the interclub team events.  Casual roll-up competitions are also held at various times throughout the week and are an excellent way for new members to meet people and integrate within the club.

Please note that you will need to have obtained a minimum 22 handicap according to WHS and provide a CDH number to join.

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