Junior Captain 2021/22

Zack Riggs

Junior Captain Profile

I am 17 years old and currently hold the position of Junior Captain. I have been a member at Barton-on-Sea Golf Club since the summer of 2017. Before joining Barton, I had been playing for about 4 years. However, since joining Barton, I have improved my golf game  massively. I am grateful for taking part in the Junior Saturday lessons, as they helped me progress. I enjoy the social side and have made some good friends and met many of the Club's members. Within my 5-year span at Barton, I have managed to bring my handicap down to a sturdy 6 and will hopefully keep lowering. I have played and won many competitions within the Club and have travelled to various places playing in Junior competitions. 

I am looking forward to working alongside the Beth, the Junior Vice-Captain and the Junior Organisers.  I am very proud to be a member at Barton and I thank all the Junior Organisers for welcoming me.  

Junior Vice Captain 2021/22

Bethany Lilley


Hi I’m Beth, I am 14 years old and I am currently Junior Vice Captain.  I have been a Member now at Barton for 4 years.  I first got into golf by going down on the practice ground with my dad one day after school.  I have now lowered my handicap to 23. I struggled getting back into golf at the beginning of this year, as I took about an eight month break, but after walking around a few times with my dad and grandad I realised how much I missed and enjoyed the game.  I played my first competition in 2018.  I remember being very nervous for my first junior competition but the other Juniors and Organisers made me feel very welcome.

I would like to thank all the Junior Organisers and helpers that have made me and the other Juniors feel very welcome over the years.  Without them the Junior Section would not be able to function.  In my role as Vice Captain I will do my best to welcome all new and existing Junior Members, and help out where I can.  It would be great to see some new Junior Members taking part in the competitions.



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