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Coaching Facilities -  Peter Rodgers Golf Ltd

With the rise in demand for golf tuition at Barton, Peter has invested in state of the art coaching technology, which can be used outside or within his teaching studio.

We offer the latest GASP video analysis system, which is available for use with all three professionals. Our 300 yard turf driving range and large short game area offers an opportunity for clients to practice in between lessons.

Are you tired of playing in the cold, rain, and wind?  Losing your golf balls?  Perhaps when you want to play it would be dark?  Maybe you do not have enough time to play on the course?  Would you like to play a course that isn't Barton-on-Sea but is based at Barton?!  If you have answered YES to any of these, then this may interest you!

Service 1 - We are now offering the latest GC Quad Launch Monitor/Simulator technology based in the Indoor Studio, which allows you to play 9, 18 or 27 holes with a choice of 10 courses.  This can be enjoyed by up to 4 members at any one time, for only £20 per hour, therefore meaning only £5 per person, per hour, when playing with 3 other Members.

Service 2 - Would you like to know your distances - how far you carry each of your clubs - your swing path - angle of attack - spin rate?  If the answer is yes to any of these then you can hire the GC Quad Launch Monitor/Simulator, based in the indoor studio, to have all of these answered.  This is also £20 per hour.

Both services are suitable for right or left-handed players and will be available, within Pro Shop Hours, 7 days a week.  Booking is essential.  For more details or to book a slot, please do not hesitate to contact us, either in store, by phone on 01425 615308 Option 1, or by emailing us at "". 

The Range
30 balls for £2.00                     90 balls for £5.00
60 balls for £3.00                   120 balls for £5.50

Members are able to set up a Range Ball Scheme, which is £50.00 for 40 tokens of 30 balls.  These are available to purchase at any time throughout the year, via the Pro Shop or yearly at subscription time from the office.  Balls remain on the account until used.

Non-members who are having lessons or paying a green fee:-
30 balls for £3.00                      90 balls for £7.50
60 balls for £4.50                    120 balls for £9.00

30 balls for 0.50p
60 balls for £1.00

There is an option for playing lessons upon request with each professional. Contact the team on 01425 615308 option 1 for more details.

Junior Saturday Coaching Sessions
We also offer junior coaching sessions, for children up to the age of 18, every Saturday morning from 11am until 12pm - maximum 20 per class (on a first come first served basis) with 2 PGA coaches.  A fun and friendly introduction to golf, for only £5 an hour. Everyone is welcome!

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Barton-on-Sea Golf Club , Milford Road, New Milton , Hampshire BH25 5PP

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