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Custom Fitting -  Peter Rodgers Golf Ltd

We have a large selection of demo equipment from all the various manufacturers and we provide a free testing/fitting service.

We have a large range of demo clubs that you can test on the range or course and once you narrow down the choice to one or two clubs, we can then fit the length/lie/loft/shaft flex and grip size in the studio.


We have purchased and installed a GC Quad golf simulator, which allows us to coach, custom fit and play simulator golf regardless of weather conditions. This improvement to our services means that Members can improve and work on their game throughout the year.

The GC Quad software is the same system that is used in the Golf Studio at Sky Sports.

The information we receive from this system tells us your swing path, club face angle at impact, ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, spin rates, and carry distance. For custom fitting of golf clubs this is invaluable. The comparison between different clubs and shafts is now easily done. This comparison gives all the information needed when looking at which woods and irons are best suited to you and your particular golfing ability. This is all part of the service we provide – at no cost – when you are looking to buy a new set of irons or woods.

Would you like to play indoor simulator golf in the warmth and comfort of the Studio? If so, we can answer these questions with an hour’s slot in the Studio for £20. We have 10 courses loaded so far.

Lastly, we just want to share with you the story of one of our very first fittings with the Quad.  The customer, Cliff, wanted to upgrade his irons. His current 7 iron had a steel shaft. The average distance he was carrying the ball was 108yds. The final 7 iron we selected was graphite and he was carrying the ball an average of 128yds, a staggering 20yd increase! The grouping of the shots was better, a more forgiving head gave more consistent distance when the sweet spot was slightly missed.

We are all excited and impressed with this latest addition to the Indoor Studio. Please come and have a look and share this experience with us.

We look forward to improving your golf experience for 2021 and beyond.


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Barton-on-Sea Golf Club , Milford Road, New Milton , Hampshire BH25 5PP

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