Barton-on-Sea Golf Club

Membership Fees

for the subscription year 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025

Full Members

Subscriptions may be paid by monthly direct debit instalments using the Club's credit facility with Fairway Credit. (There is a 8.33% charge plus a one-off £5 set up fee to Fairway Credit).

Entrance Fee £1500.00
Subscription £1800.00
Shares*   £400.00

*refunded when leaving.

Country Members

All Country members must have their permanent residence outside of a 50 mile radius from the Clubhouse and must not have any type of residence within this radius, including chalets, holiday houses/flats, mobile homes or permanent caravan sites. Country members may play a maximum of 20 rounds per year.

Entrance Fee   £750.00
Subscription £1005.00
Shares*   £400.00

*refunded when leaving.

Intermediate Members

Members between the ages of 24-34 pay a reduced joining fee as below. Shares are payable on becoming Full members at age 35.

Entrance Fee Subscription
25 years old £375.00   £900.00
26 years old £375.00 £1050.00
27 years old £375.00 £1200.00
28 years old £375.00 £1350.00
29 years old £375.00 £1500.00
30-34 years old £750.00 £1800.00

Associate Weekend Members

age 25 to 45 years old

Associate Weekend membership is for a maximum period of 3 years, after which the member will either take Full membership or cease their membership of the club.  Full membership can be taken at any time and the appropriate entrance fee and shares will be payable upon entry into Full membership of the club.

25 to 44 years of age       £995.00    

Colt Members

Age for subscription purposes is at the date of the subscription year date of joining.  There is no joining fee.

18-20 years old £420.00
21-24 years old £550.00

Student Members

Any Junior or Colt member entering University or similar Full-time education up to and including 23 years.  There is no joining fee.

Subscription £275.00

Junior Members

Under 18 years old at renewal


Social Members*

(* N.B. Only available to Retiring Full Members, Spouse of Full Members & Residential)

Entrance Fee Subscription
Shareholder n/a £105.00 inc. VAT
Non-Shareholder n/a £160.00 inc. VAT
Playing Members' Partners n/a   £10.00 inc. VAT plus bar levy

Please note

New Full and Country Members have to take up a Shareholding of £400. This also applies to those transferring from Intermediate Membership to Full at 35 years old.

A £2.50 Public Liability fee applies to all playing members.

Golf Union Fees Apply: England Golf Men/Ladies £10.50 plus Hampshire County Male £9.50/ Hampshire County Female £7.00

Appplication Form

T: 01425 615308 | E:

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club , Milford Road, New Milton , Hampshire BH25 5PP


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